Monday, June 4, 2012

Real time:

I'm at Kennedy Meadows attempting to finish an overwhelming backlog of journal entries. Here's some breaking news to entertain you in the meanwhile:

I never ended up hiking with a town dress, because  half the time I don't even stay in town. Also, a full disclosure would be that it was the one item I forgot to pack.

Snow is predicted for tonight in the Sierras. I have yet to check the forecast myself, though.

I've hit that stage in the journey where I am too tired to journal at night, and so am attempting to recall about two week's worth of incidents and campgrounds.

I continue to be overwhelmed and impressed by the generosity and kindness I encounter within the hiking community. Friends of friends, people I haven't even met in real life, total strangers... you know who you are, and you are all wonderful.

Also, I may or may not have had a misadventure in the high desert involving snow and no shelter. Full disclosure forthcoming eventually!

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