Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Working on it...

Hello, lovely friends. I am currently poised to wade through approximately 900 photos and countless memories of California's mountains and deserts. This should have been accomplished much sooner, but post-hike depression sunk in, as did the time-consuming reality of working two jobs. Gallivanting about Seattle had helped stave it off, as did moving north-ward on the East Coast and the subsequent job-hunting... but once I actually began working, boy did the proverbial shit ever hit the fan.

I now understand why people do multiple long distance trails.

The whole time I was on the PCT I swore this would be my last big hike. I changed my tune a little in Washington state... with the end in sight, a great hiking partner and a brighter outlook on my hike. I was willing to think that maybe, just maybe I could do another hike. Now, however, I'm staring a bleak job market in the face, examining my paltry skill set, and having trouble picturing a world where I jaunt off to a day job and squeeze adventure in on the side. It's not pretty. I'm not sleeping, I'm stressed, and the only appealing future is another hike filled with suffering and and filth and junk food and monotony... and freedom. FREEEEEEEDOM!

If you had told me ten years ago that I'd be single, almost 30 and looking forward solely to living in the woods, I'd have never believed you. I had that whole vague "living the dream" idea of a career and partner and having babies going on. Well folks, LOOK AT ME NOW.

I'm going to go relive the glory days, start sifting through those California pictures... and rethink this blog*. Initially my goals were to... well... gosh... I guess to jump-start the ole illustration career? (You know, the one that never got off the ground once I left my cubicle and started hiking. Whoops.)

*And by blog, I mean life. Ahhh!

An accurate depiction of how I feel right now. Flailing! Stuck! Eeek!

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