Monday, November 14, 2011

In denial.

So frankly, fall has come and gone. Balmy warm weather and a perpetual commute from northern New England to southern New England helped lull me into a false sense of never-ending fall for all of October. Alas, multiple snowfalls and frost on the ground has shocked me back to reality. The trees are bare and the mountains have ice and snow capping them. And yet I refuse to let go of fall... I can still buy cider! And make pumpkin pies! And go hiking without traction only to find myself stranded on a 45 degree slope covered in ice above treeline! Oh, denial. It can get you into trouble, sometimes. I do believe that at the start of fall I was full of plans and ambition, dreaming big dreams for this blog. Now that winter is slowly sneaking in and bitter winds are causing me to spend more time curled up by fires and less time being a vagabond perhaps these plans will actually become a reality. So let's abandon the summer recap by the wayside and let it slowly fade away among the dead brush and empty milkweed pods... but let's also hold tight to the last remnants of fall for a few more weeks. It is, after all, my favorite season.

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