Tuesday, November 22, 2011

On sanity, blog stalking, and keeping the woodland love alive.

Every now and then a certain specific aspect of my job makes me relinquish my already tenuous grasp on mental equilibrium; that moment when I say goodbye to the lovely, peaceful solitude that I have had for days on end and am overrun by a small horde of screaming children and well-meaning but inept adults (an occupational hazard of caretaking). And so to retain sanity I (try to) think happy thoughts, read blogs that make me happy, and keep my headphones close at hand. Occasionally when the situation is particularly dire I'll engross myself in a single blog and just obsessively read page after page. And so allow me to share several pictures that made me very happy, all from the same blog that I may or may not have obsessively stalked for hours on end the past few days. HOURS. Anyway. As a dyed-in-the-wool tree-hugging dirty hippie, it's always nice to see this aspect of myself reflected much more prettily in art. Am I kind of over all things woodland being a design/art trend? Clearly, not yet. And should you check out I'm Revolting? Obviously, yes.

 All images found via I'm Revolting. Also, I think I saw the work by the artist second from the bottom at some museum in Brooklyn last fall. A vague statement that really does nothing to enhance this post. I haven't had any caffeine yet.  Update: now that I've had enough coffee to clear my mind and google a CV: I saw David Benjamin Sherry's work at PS1/MOMA in Long Island City, on a rainy day that I remember fondly because it involved rain, good coffee, a Russian bathhouse and art. Artists from top to bottom are as follows: Tim Pugh Amira Fritz Nami Yamamoto David Benjamin Sherry Ella Sverdlov.

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