Friday, February 17, 2012


Annie Leibovitz is an iconic American photographer who really needs no introduction. I am super inspired by her most recent publication, which differs from her other work in that there are no portraits of people: it consists solely of objects and places. It's a documentation of places she had always wanted to go to and things she had always longed to see. I love this concept and want to create my own version eventually. Seeking out what matters to you, taking the time to truly view things, even simple objects, with clarity and appreciation, documenting them in book format... what's not to love? The photos from Pilgrimage are currently exhibited at the Smithsonian

Images are Georgia O'Keefe's hand made pastels, Annie Oakley's target shot, and Niagara Falls on the cover of Pilgrimage. “I would encourage everyone to make their own list,” she says. “My book is a meditation on how to live. It’s an old-fashioned idea, but you should always try to do what you love to do.” - Annie Leibovitz

Happy Friday!

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  1. So it's decided then. Day trip to the Smithsonian followed by the Hubble Mission Control.