Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 9

Good morning! Two more freshly wrapped gifts... better late than never, right? The top one is my new favorite. It's wrapped with the tissue-thin end paper from an old book about geology that was in an unlocked house with a sign that said "Free. Take anything." topped with one of my favorite things, an ammonite fossil. The second is wrapped in tissue paper and decorated with a metal tree that I found back when I used to volunteer at a children's art studio - we always had neat found objects to create with and I couldn't resist this one. Finished with leftover ribbon scraps. Ps: the secret to beautiful wrap jobs lies with the use of glue. Yes, you heard me... glue. Heavy duty glue like Gorilla Glue or a glue gun for securing objects. When wrapping with tissue or butcher paper, use a glue stick to seal edges and ends rather than tape. (Sometimes weighting things down while it dries or using painter's tape is necessary. It's worth the fuss though. I don't know if glue sticks work with regular gift wrap but I assume it would, as long as you weighted it down to dry.)

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