Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gingerbread mountains.

Spearmint and grapefruit forests. Pretzel logs and bridges. Waterfalls cascading with mints. Paths paved with sweets and mountains topped with rock candy ice and iridescent sugar snow.

I volunteer with Big Brother Big Sister. This is what we made today. It's a little more free-form than the creation from last year... we didn't think we could top that masterpiece, but I'm really liking this delicious alpine environment. I've already decided that it's the stretch of trail from Galehead over to Garfield. Sometimes I feel guilty that I'm perpetually unavailable as a Big Sister (a long distance hike, plus two months in another country, plus living/working in another state for the past two seasons ='s us not hanging out very much) but I like to think that at least I'm showing Olivia that you don't always have to follow the traditional route of gainful employment. There's options. And adventure. I think the fact that she opted to make gingerbread mountains (her idea!) shows that I'm definitely rubbing off on her, at least a little. And check out that sweet waterfall... these mountains are pretty epic. Yeah, I'm definitely rubbing off on her a little. 
Last year's gingerbread Appalachian Trail Shelter, complete with privy, bonfire, and a not-so-true-to-scale shelter mouse with peppermint top hat.

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