Friday, January 27, 2012

In which I justify my rock collecting tendencies: it's ok because it's a trend!

So there's been a bit of a mineral and gem trend going on in the art/design world lately... and I dig it. (See what I did there? HA.)
 Collaged images by Amber Ibarreche (top image)

3d objects by Lydiaka Shirreff (image above)

 Layers of wax by Keetra Dean (image above)
 Incredibly realistic painting by Carly Waito

And an image by Lucas Grogan that I am choosing to interpret as a geode.

Some of these images are via The Jealous Curator, some are probably via Art Hound and the rest have been sitting in an inspiration folder on my desktop languishing without proper accreditation. Whoops. All of the images that are actual artwork are documented, though!

And holy cow it's Friday yet again. See you next week... I have epic hiking plans and art making in store! Ps: if anyone has any cool rocks they'd like to get rid of... I'm your woman.

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