Thursday, April 5, 2012

When worlds collide.

If you've been reading this blog for any amount of time you've probably noticed several things:

1. I like art.

2. I like hiking.

3. I'm going to be hiking for fifty percent of this year on a little trail that runs from Mexico to Canada.
For obvious reasons there probably won't be too much talk about art while hiking. BUT! I will be doing something that for me, is a first: I will be carrying a sketchbook on this hike!!!!!! (Please note that the excessive amount of exclamation marks are indicative of the fact that this is a big deal.) I am notorious for sketchbook neglect and I almost never create art while hiking. The decision to add this weight to my pack thus looms very large in my head because if I don't become a prolific drawer then that weight is absolutely pointless/tortuous.

Initially I was going to pack my miniature Windsor & Newton travel watercolor kit, the thought of which involuntarily conjures up the words en plein air; a pleasing phrase redolent of Earl Grey tea and crisp linen and Manet and Monet and sunny fields and wooden easels. Plus it has great colors and a teeny tiny brush (what's not to like?). However I recently came to my senses and recalled that initially I will be hiking through desert. I could potentially be carrying at least eight pounds of water on my back and I will be damned if I'm going to waste any of it on a lousy sketchbook! So now the plan is to carry a few markers or colored pencils. You know, just another trivial decision to agonize over for hours on end.
It's an exciting progression for me because as much as I love both art and hiking, I have always let the logistics of combining the two defeat me.

In conclusion: while I won't be talking about art all that much I will do my best to draw and document and share that on here (I even am attempting to forgo carrying a book, just to force myself into using the sketchbook - desperate times call for desperate measures.)... and if I don't draw, you can rest assured that I will be cursing myself with every useless sketchbook-laden step.


  1. Love it when two worlds collide. I've often battled with carrying my SLR on hikes but, CRAP, it's heavy! Anyway, I'm hoping to make some worlds collide on my blog soon too. Mostly food related, of course. Happy hiking and drawing, Moss!

    1. We REALLY need to have a mini-workshop session together when I get back. Not even kidding.



  2. Yo Mossy. What markers are you carrying? I think I decided against my Prismacolor for weight and space, but may take a few micron pens for simple line drawings.

  3. I have a plume marker that is double tipped and supposedly waterproof... that is coming, and possibly a few finer tip microns - although they are not waterproof!

    You should bring a travel watercolor kit! They're the best.