Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 8

Kick Off at Lake Morena

Back where I was on my second day of hiking for free food, festivities, beer, presentations, and mingling with lots of other hikers. There is an almost overwhelming amount of people here for someone who has only been camping with just a handful of others for the past few days now. I think around 600-800 people attend the weekend-long festival. It is surprisingly mellow though, with most of us in bed before 10.

I reunite with Peru, who I met on the AT and she briefly embarresses me by mentioning the three things she recalled of me from that time: 

1. I had been setting up my stove wrong for over a week when we met.
2. I got Giardia.
3. I chased down a bear.

All true, all not very flattering!

Peru also very kindly buys me a pint of ice cream, the chapstick I have been longing for, and a few other items. Thank you, Peru! You're great.

I also get to reunite with Last on the Bus (LB), Chili & Pepper, and I meet a whole slew of new and awesome hikers. Brian, Cameron & Tim make it in as well. Beers are drank, good times are had.

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