Sunday, May 20, 2012

A meandering interruption:

I'm in LA for a few days visiting family and decided to convey my apologies to the tiny handful of dedicated readers that I have. I know I scheduled 20 posts in chronological order to post on here, but apparently blogger is opposed to that for some inexplicable reason.

Tomorrow (the 20th) is my one month trailversary! I will be spending it eating delicious food and not walking. It feels wrong to be staying still while newly made friends walk on but at least there will be some good eating to alleviate my sadness.

Fact: I arrived in LA wearing pilly, worn out, faded purple spandex and a smelly holey t-shirt and just five hours later was twirling around in a glittering dress that had been custom-made for a young, very famous celebrity who shall remain anonymous because she rejected this fancy dress. It pays to have family who work in the entertainment industry, I guess! That dress is the most beautiful thing I have ever tried on. It only stayed on me for about 5 minutes, though.

Is it weird that I actually feel prettier in the smelly holey t-shirt and spandex, even when I haven't bathed in days?

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