Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 9

Kick Off/ Lake Morena - Warner Springs - Lost Valley Spring

With a rough night's sleep due to be surrounded by people, I scoop up a free donut and make plans to leave early with a few other hikers whose company I've been enjoying.

I am the last one to leave the Warner Springs community center - it's been structured to accomodate hikers with computers and wireless internet as well as snacks and food for a resupply. It's staffed by volunteers and they rely on donations to make a profit. The resort that hikers used to stay at in this town has been closed so this is really the sole resource besides a gas station and a post office. It's a pretty admirable endeavor.

I hike briefly with the cousins (who really are cousins) and realize to my dismay that they are fast. Faster than me. I let them pull ahead and eventually meet up again on a ridgeline where everyone is setting up camp. It's nice to know despite feeling much slower, I show up just a few minutes after them. Bobcat, Maya, the cousins, Opus, and Joe and I all get to take in a wonderful sunset and share some food. There's a nice sense of camaraderie among all of these almost-strangers. I cowboy camp and sleep under the stars with no shelter. Letting go of any lingering worries about spiders crawling on me in my sleep is a great feeling, as is the complete lack of any need for privacy or shelter. I stare at the teeming masses of ants crawling under the clear plastic of my groundcloth and fall asleep.

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  1. Hey Moss:
    I am sure enjoying your journal, i have writen to you once before, and just wanted to send my good wishes again. I also wanted to alert you to a cool solar eclips that will happen this weekend. Being in south Texas, i will not be able to view it, but can imagine how awsome it would be to see this amazing event from above the treeline. I am sure you were already aware of it, but just in case you wern't, get your camera ready. Wishing you continued success from Texas.

    Your avid journal reader